Why So Many Muslim Refugees Coming To The US?

Why So Many Muslim Refugees Coming To The US?

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Why are there so many Muslim Refugees Coming to the United States?

How can any community take hundreds of refugees that don’t speak English, have health issues and mental health problems and on average have 8.1 kids per couple.  That is what is happening in communities all over the US.

Have you heard of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation.  I haven’t either, but they basically decide, along with the UN Commissioner for Refugees, what countries our refugees come from.

Why doesn’t Islamic immigration get stopped?

Well there are 9 major federal contractors, 6 of which are religious charities, that get the $1 billion in resettlement money.  These 9 contractors then hire over 350 subcontractors to support these people for up to 6 months.

That ends up averaging almost $3 million per contractor.  That is why it is kept so quiet.  They don’t want the gravy train to stop running.

We are doomed as a country if we allow this to continue.  We have already allowed hundreds of thousands of these people to resettle in some of our cities, creating Muslim cities within cities.  Look at Dearborn Michigan.  There are areas of that city that look more like Beirut than America.

Islam will continue to spread.

That is, if we don’t do something soon.  Islam is the fastest growing religion in America.  Mosques are being built at an alarming rate.  These mosques are training grounds for, and the radicalization of Muslims.  Their goal is to have sharia law become the law of the land.  It is in there holy book to do so.

Their supreme leader and author of this religious cult, Mohammed, tells all followers it is their obligation to migrate and spread Islam in order to dominate the world.  They must do what they are doing.

Watch the video below, Ann Cordoran explains pretty well what is happening.  You should also read her book Refugee Resetlement.

Check out her book.

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